Just a note to say thank you for the work you did for me sorting the problem of the will of John Jessop. I am now able to present the true and correct will and do not have to worry about any other names associated with what you found to be an incorrect entry.

Daphne, New Zealand

When I first started to look at who could help me research my family tree, it quickly became apparent that there were lots of companies out there on the internet who could offer what is basically an ‘off the shelf report’ for what appears to be relatively low cost and probably little reward at the end of the day. I was looking for something more, a professional well qualified researcher who could produce a bespoke piece of work and Karen has certainly met my expectations. The document Karen produced for my family is well written, presented and clearly researched. I have no hesitation in recommending Karen if you want a family tree you can hand down to your own family and keep for future generations as I did.

Sid Lambert

Thank you so much for the family history research you have completed. I am thrilled with the results, I am so pleased that my family history is so local, and that we remain in the area even though generations have passed. I will definitely come back to you for more research.

Natalie, Suffolk

Karen has conducted research for me over the past year. Her research methodology is robust and inspires confidence. The findings in each report are documented with great clarity, including high visibility of each line of enquiry and her thought process. I have been impressed as she benchmarks highly with other researchers I have used for my family history when I have been stuck! Our work together continues which is testament in itself.

Joanne Denney-Finch OBE MBA BA (Hons).

I gave Karen lots of garbled emails trying to rely on past family memories and threw in many red herrings but she remained patient and professional throughout her research It was a relief to hand over this research knowing it would be done in a methodical way and the written reports were useful.


After 45 years of genealogical research in North America, I have learned the importance of careful examination of the original evidence. Dr. Karen Cummings' assistance has been of the highest professional standards. Her knowledge of English records and their location assures me that within the scope of what she has done for me all possible records have been found. Her citations are a model for the rest of us to follow.

James, Berkeley, California

I have been very impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of Dr. Karen Cummings' work concerning two of my ancestors, researching in both Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. The work was carried out within the timescale allotted and within budget. Her suggestions for further research, both within her local areas and outside by others were very helpful, and I would have no hesitation in commissioning further work from her.

Denis, Kent

I am indebted to Dr Karen Cummings for her detailed and accurate investigation of my requested family history. It has been a valuable and very interesting journey into the past, and has given current family members a unique insight into their fascinating and at times intriguing heritage. We are delighted to have our personal records to hand and it has been a pleasure dealing with Dr Cummings whose professionalism and helpfulness has been much appreciated. With many thanks.

Jean, Bristol

I commissioned Karen Cummings to undertake a detailed Family History research project. The research was undertaken within agreed parameters, time-frame and cost. Her detailed Research Report displayed a professional and informative format. It is evident that she applies high professional standards to all aspects of her research and I would endorse her pedigree in the field of Genealogy and Family History. Accordingly, I have unhesitatingly commissioned her to undertake further research on my behalf.

Robert, Hertfordshire

I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you have done to date. When I was googling (is that a verb?) family researchers last year, your website really stood out and now it is easy to see why: the reports are superbly presented and exude the professionalism of your approach. I virtually write reports for a living these days (a lot of expert witness work) so I am well able to appreciate the quality of your work – very well done and many thanks indeed.

Richard, Somerset

I gave Karen my rough, handwritten, confused family tree chart on various pieces of paper, with a long 60p+ commentary. She turned it into a professional, easy to follow, large single sheet [6ft x 4ft] Family Tree Chart, which she had printed-up by a specialist printer. She was always patient, despite my numerous changes, amendments, and alterations. Her professional approach made the whole project a pleasure.

Graham, Suffolk

I have been very impressed with the way Karen Cummings has picked up over 30 years of my own research and analytically spotlighted areas which need clarifying or further investigation. Her reports concentrate the mind on what still has to be done.

Martin, Middlesex

During the time that Karen has been doing research on my Suffolk ancestors I have been very impressed with Karen's professional research and the informative and detailed reports and copies of old documentation. She has also provided many ideas for additional research.

Frederick, London

I approached Karen to research my family ancestry back to my great-great grandparents.  It was for a Ruby anniversary gift to my parents who are avid followers of the TV programme 'Who Do You Think You Are?'.  I knew it would be a big project to undertake and expected there to be some blanks or gaps when it was compiled.  When the completed work arrived, it was well presented and the information extremely detailed and comprehensive.  It contained some interesting facts about our family members and their occupations that we were previously unaware of.  My parents are thrilled with the finished article and as there is so much detail, refer back to it from time to time.  I will definitely approach Karen again if I require further research to be carried out on my ancestry.

Debbie, Essex

I've been impressed by the professional standard and quality of Karen's research work and reports, which is why Sticks Research Agency is happy to pass across any enquiries we receive that fall within her geographical area of operation.

Dr Nick Barratt, TV Genealogist & Research Director, Sticks Research Agency

I was very pleased with the results [of your research].  I was especially grateful for the quality of the digital images of the wills which made all the difference with ease of transcription.  And I was pleased that the results came back in a timely fashion. Thank you for your efforts.

Larry, USA

Thanks so much for the report. I found my dealings with you to be highly professional, detailed, succinct and would certainly use your services again. Thank you.

Janine, Australia

I have known Karen Cummings for only a short while, and she has undertaken two projects researching my Suffolk family roots. Both successful, on time and within budget. She is meticulous and highly professional and has extracted information for which I have been searching on and off for about five years. If you are unsure of where to turn to next, Karen is there with guidance as to strategy while letting you feel that you are in control. There is further work to be done and I have no hesitation in saying that Karen will be my first choice as a researcher.

Jon, West Sussex

I was very impressed by the research carried out by Karen Cummings on the paternal side of my family. The report was informative, thorough, on time, and the certificates attached were very welcome for my research. I will not hesitate to employ her again for my research on both sides of my family.

Roslyn, Canada

I was very happy with the work completed by Karen Cummings at Professional Family History.  I normally do as much research as I can myself but being in Australia, I was unable to access many of the parish records needed and had to hire a professional researcher.  I found Karen to be very thorough and provided additional ideas for research when some of the standards searches didn’t find the “the hoped for results”.   Karen’s reports were detailed and provided details of what had been searched so that duplication didn’t occur.   She was meticulous in noting even small details, which I was impressed with, as one never knows when the smallest detail may help later on.

Judy, Australia

I have every confidence in your very thorough and professional research. I am very much appreciating your contact during research so that we can decide which direction or steps should be taken and keeping me up to date with your progress.

Janette, West Lothian

Thank you for your last email and the information in it. Should I wish to research Elizabeth Nash further I would certainly be happy to employ you to do this. Thank you very much for all the help you have given me thus far.

Doug, Australia

Thank you for the superb family history you produced for my wife. She was so thrilled that it kept her quiet for ages! Seriously, not only were details of many generations clearly presented, with full supporting documentation, but the little extra details about some of the ancestors gave extra life to the whole process - so it's almost as if we knew them personally. Congratulations on a job well done, I would be more than happy to recommend your service to anyone.

Brian, West Midlands

Many thanks to Karen for all her hard work researching such a common name (Richardson) back to 1774. She answered many family questions (such as the reason for my uncle’s strange middle name) and posed even more. The work was done efficiently, obtaining authorisation for further expenditure before acting. Producing a detailed and comprehensive, yet easy to understand, family history. It has provided me with an insight into my family and I hope, with further help from Karen, to bring together the lives my ancestors lived and how they influence my life now.

Lynn, Surrey

Karen has produced a thoroughly professional piece of work. At all times I received a very personal service with appropriate checks being made as the past was uncovered. The result: a fully detailed investigation revealing the family history, evidenced by all the certificates, neatly bound within an attractive report.

Philip, Suffolk