Family History Research

Family History Research

Professional Family History offers a number of family history research services, tailored to your individual needs.

Are you interested in tracing your family tree but would like a professional genealogist to do it for you? I can meticulously research your family tree backwards in time from yourself and your known relatives using professional search techniques, giving you confidence in the results found. Please visit my Family Tree Packages pages for fixed cost options.

Do you specifically require research in archives in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk or Essex? Perhaps you have got so far with your own research and live too far away to visit. You may be a professional genealogist requiring research in my part of the country. Please visit my Research in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex for more information.

Have you been researching your own family history for some time and have reached a brick wall? With my experience and formal training in genealogy I am familiar with a host of genealogical sources. I may spot something you had not thought of or may be able to suggest records you have not considered.

Do you have some research from a family member and would like to get it organised or build upon what has already been carried out? All too often the family history research we are handed is not in any kind of logical order. Family historians are, after all, far more interested in conducting research than writing it up with future generations in mind. My familiarity with research techniques, records and a variety of family history software packages enables me to sort information logically and establish where the gaps, if any, lie.

Do you have something in particular on which you would like advice or would you like suggestions as to where to look next? Would you like someone to offer a second opinion on your research to date? I will look through your research and offer guidance on what additional sources or searches could be considered.

I offer a free evaluation of up to one hour to review the work you have already conducted.

Please contact me with details and I will provide a quotation at no cost.

I have been very impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of Dr. Karen Cummings' work concerning two of my ancestors, researching in both Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. The work was carried out within the timescale allotted and within budget. Her suggestions for further research, both within her local areas and outside by others were very helpful, and I would have no hesitation in commissioning further work from her.

Denis, Kent

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