Family Tree Packages

Family Tree Packages

A choice of fixed cost options for researching and presenting your family tree.

A family tree is a unique gift to mark a special anniversary or birthday. The family tree packages from Professional Family History include both a printout of your family tree and a beautifully bound report, describing your ancestors' lives and the research undertaken for you.

If you are interested in tracing your own family tree, commissioning a qualified genealogist gives you confidence in the results. You will know that the research has been conducted properly and will not have doubts about whether the individuals found really are your ancestors.

I offer a number of fixed cost family tree packages to cater for a variety of research requirements and budgets, potentially taking your family back as far as the early 1800s*.

See below for the Professional Family History difference.

Included with each package

  • ALL birth, marriage and death certificates for direct ancestors
  • Copies of all census returns found during research
  • Main report: the story of your ancestors
  • Research Appendix: the detailed report on the research conducted

If you are not sure which package is for you or are looking for something slightly different then please contact me. See the case studies page for examples.

* Please refer to my Terms of Service regarding likelihood of success of research.


The Professional Family History Difference

You will find many researchers on the internet who will offer to trace your family tree back to 1837, to 1841 or to the early 1800s. Why these dates? Why is there such a difference in price? What do I offer that is different?

Drawing up a family tree is based on online birth, marriage and death indexes and census records. The earliest meaningful census records were taken in 1841 and civil registration (birth, marriage and death certificates) began in 1837. If someone appears on the 1841 census or dies in 1841 at aged 60, you have your family tree back to around 1780. I can therefore draw up a family tree for a family based anywhere in the country back to around this time as I am not restricted by needing to go to local archives.

Census records.

All family tree package research from Professional Family History includes finding your ancestors in as many census records as possible, transcriptions of the census records from the original census images and copies of the census records themselves.

Census records provide a snapshot in time every ten years of where our ancestors lived, what they did for a living who they lived with and provide, crucially, where and when they were born. By looking at the original documents you can see who their neighbours were and the type of neighbourhood in which they lived. In addition, the 1911 census records available are the actual householders' returns and are therefore likely to be written by your ancestor and include their signature.

Birth, marriage and death certificates.

Family tree package research from Professional Family History includes birth, marriage and death certificates for all of your direct ancestors considered during the research, wherever possible.

Online birth, marriage and death indexes are just that, indexes to more information. They serve as a finding aid to enable the ordering of birth, marriage and death certificates but by no means contain all the information that may be found on a full certificate. For an example of how certificates are so important for research take a look at the story of my own ancestor Joseph Hopkins. Indexes may be used to construct a skeletal tree but they do not provide the full information which enables verification that the correct details have been found.

Detailed Research Reports

Professional Family History includes the details of all research conducted as a Research Appendix to the Main Report with every family tree package.

The major difference you will find from Professional Family History is the depth and attention to detail of your research report. Your Main Report will provide the family story of your ancestors derived from this research. Illustrated with documents and photographs where possible, it will include details of where your ancestors lived, what they did for a living, when they died and what from, all placed in historical and socio-economic context. All research conducted during the investigation of your family is noted in meticulous detail, including the sources consulted, the years searched and where searches were unsuccessful and well as successful, the level of confidence in the conclusions made at each stage and transcriptions of all the census returns and certificates purchased. You can be confident that the research conducted by Professional Family History has been recorded properly. You may not want to read all this detail to find out where your ancestors lived and that is why this detailed report forms a Research Appendix to your Main Report.

I have every confidence in your very thorough and professional research. I am very much appreciating your contact during research so that we can decide which direction or steps should be taken and keeping me up to date with your progress.

Janette, West Lothian

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